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Alcanon is committed to helping people manage alcohol dependency.

Some people need to stop drinking entirely. Others just want to cut back or track their progress.

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Drink Agenda

You can use Alcanon's Drink Agenda app to easily track your drinking history and report on your progress towards your goals.

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Simple and Powerful


Track in Seconds

The Days page makes it fast and easy to count your drinks.


Set Goals

Lose weight, set stop times, drink moderately, or take a break entirely.


Easy Reporting

Simple charts and analysis to help you reflect on your drinking.


Know your Reasons

Build a list of reasons why you want to manage your drinking.



Set your strategy with a curated selection of ideas from around the web.



Sign in a snap and download your data at any time.

Our features

Access your Account from Anywhere

Start by signing in with your existing Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Apple account. Your data is automatically saved to the cloud and you don't need to manage separate Drink Agenda credentials. We don't serve ads or sell your personal information to others.

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Mobile or Desktop Web

Your Drink Agenda account is available anywhere you are, at drinkagenda.com.

Smartphone App

You can install Drink Agenda on your Android or iPhone, right from the app store.

Safe, Secure and Private

Drink Agenda does not sell your data or use it to serve ads. Your account is secured using your Google, Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft sign in.

Access on the web
or download the App

Use the app when you have it handy or the web when that's more easier. Your data is instantly and securely shared across all your devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data private?

Yes. We respect your personal information and keep your data private. That's why we don't serve ads or sell your data. Your Drink Agenda information is securely stored in the cloud where you can use a trusted third party (Google, Facebook, Apple or Microsoft) to create your account and sign in.

What does it cost?

Drink Agenda is free! It's also free of ads, and we don't sell your data. Premium features may be added in the future to complement the basic functionality.

Can I export my data?

Yes, from the Account page. We believe your data is your own, and you can export it at any time. Basic data like your drinks per day is available in CSV format, which is easy to open in a spreadsheet. The rest of your data is available in the more expressive industry standard JSON format.

Who is the Alcanon team?

Alcanon is a small software development company based in California. Our main product (and currently our only product) is the Drink Agenda app. Our mission is to help people manage alcohol dependency by sharing information and providing helpful tools.

What kind of reporting do you offer?

The Reports page lets you analyze your data in a variety of ways. It has simple charts of your drinking history, a summary of days since drinking different amounts, and feedback for successfully tracking your drinking. More reports and analysis options are coming in the near future!

What sorts of Goals can I track?

Drink Agenda has a variety of preset Goal types, such as weight loss, daily stop times, dry days, weeks, and months, and other options with more being added all the time.

What does the Reasons page do?

Cognitive behavioral research shows the importance of reflecting on why you want to change a habit or bad pattern. Use the Drink Agenda Reasons page to choose from a long list of common reasons to cut back on drinking. Better yet, write your own most meaningful motivations to change. You can edit your list over time, sort the items, and mark the reasons that are most important to you at a particular time.

What are “Tactics”?

Managing your drinking can be a challenging problem that requires persistence and real strategies for change. The Tactics page lets you compile your personal tools and techniques for cutting back. You can choose from dozens of curated tactics compiled from around the web. And if there's a successful strategy that we've missed, let us know so we can add it to the tool!